Frequently Asked Questions

Who is EyeLynx ?

EyeLynx Limited is a UK company and the Creators of SharpView – the industry’s first choice for CCTV recording HD and multi-MegaPixel video. With offices in the UK and Spain, EyeLynx delivers a wide range of security solutions to meet the demanding needs for the safety of people and protection of critical assets.

What is SharpView ?

SharpView is EyeLynx’s security software designed specifically for the recording and management of HD and multi-MegaPixel video based CCTV, with integration of alarms, access control, fire panel, RADAR and PIRs.

What sets SharpView apart from the competition ?

SharpView is the only CCTV system that was designed specifically for the recording and management of very high resolution video. Tests show that SharpView is the highest performance CCTV recorder software in the industry. This allows CCTV to be implemented using ultra-low power, limited performance CPU based hardware, keeping costs down and allowing massive systems to be built in a scalable way.

What operating systems are supported ?

SharpView Manager is available for Windows, OSX and Linux platforms.

What camera manufacturers do you support ?

Acti, Arecont Vision, Axis, Dahua, Hikvision, JVC, Mobotix, Panasonic, Pelco, Riva, Samsung, Sanyo, Sony, UDP, Vista, Vivotek Xvision and many more.

I am interested in the technical specifications of SharpView, where can i find more information ?

Datasheets for each of our products can be found below:

Pharos: Click Here
EPR-100: Click Here
SharpView Premier: Click Here
SharpView Enterprise: Click Here
SharpView Corporate: Click Here
SharpView Mobile: Click Here
SharpView Micro: Click Here

Do you support remote viewing from mobile devices ?

Yes, we support remote viewing on both Android and iOS platforms.

How long can your systems record for ?

Systems can be supplied for recording single to several hundred cameras for any duration. Typically systems are configured as follows.

SharpView Micro – Record 5 x HD 1080p Cameras for 30 days.
SharpView Premier – Record 16 x HD 1080p Cameras for 30 days
SharpView Enterprise – Record 32 x HD 1080p Cameras for 30 days
SharpView Corporate – Record 64 x HD 1080p Cameras for 30 days

Please Note: All SharpView NVRs are scalable, for example a 500 camera system can be supplied with just 8 SharpView Corporate units and all cameras can be viewed and managed on a single SharpView Manager workstation.

I can’t find the answer I’m looking for, what now ?

You can find manuals for both SharpView and SharpView Manager here. Alternately please feel free to get in contact with us via support@eyelynx.com