• Pharos Optimus
    Pharos Optimus
    Worlds most powerful all-in-one CCTV solution
  • Pharos Raptor
    Pharos Raptor
    Compact all-in-one rapid deployment CCTV
  • EPR-500 RADAR
    EPR-500 RADAR
    Unrivalled threat detection for critical infrastructure protection
  • SharpView Corporate
    SharpView Corporate
    The World’s fastest SharpView CCTV recorder for large scale deployment
  • SharpView Enterprise
    SharpView Enterprise
    Biggest selling SharpView CCTV recorder for multi-site applications
  • SharpView Premier
    SharpView Premier
    Start here for HD quality CCTV
  • SharpView Mini
    SharpView Mini
    CCTV security for homes, bars, restaurants, retail outlets & small offices
  • SharpView Micro
    SharpView Micro
    The World’s smallest SharpView CCTV recorder
  • SharpView Rugged
    SharpView Rugged
    The World’s toughest SharpView CCTV solution

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