Common Issues

My SharpView Recorder has a red line through it in the Device Tree

This means that there is no connection between the Recorder and SharpView Manager. The most common reason for a recorder disconnecting is because it’s been powered off or disconnected from the network. If the Recorder appears offline from the start and is connected to the network and powered on the issue may be related to how the server was configured within the original configuration of the recorder within SVM. For more information on how to configure a recorder in SVM please refer to the manual or step by step tutorial at the top of the Support page of our website.

A camera icon has turned red in the Device Tree

This is usually because the camera has been configured incorrectly (user & password details usually) in SharpView or has become disconnected from the network or lost power. A simple way to test if the issue is related to configuration or network/power is to try and ping the camera. If you are able to ping the camera then the issue is almost certainly related to how the cameras been configured in SharpConfig.

When I launch SharpView Manager it says “You have to register the application to continue using it”

When you first install and launch SharpView Manager you are greeted with a registration page where you are required to enter your email address. Once you have submitted the registration you will receive an email which requires you to click on a link, once you do this the program will be registered. If you haven’t clicked the link in the email then SVM will only function as a 30 day trial.

I have no internet connection and thus cannot register SharpView Manager

Please email requesting a manual activation code. Once you receive it enter it into the relevant field on the registration page