EPR-500 Perimeter RADAR


Solid-State RADAR for high performance threat detection

The EPR-500 is the most cost effective perimeter protection solution for both rural and more saturated environments, with-out compromising detection performance.

By utilising state of the art MIMO & Digital beam forming technology it covers an area or more than 250,000 (over 61 acres) with a detection range of 400m for walker and 600m for vehicle or boat, and yet consumes extremely low power (under 2.5W) and small form factor. It boasts ultra-high range resolution of 0.4m giving it excellent performance in cluttered environments.

It’s small size, low power consumption and low weight make it simple to install and renders it ideal as a deployable system.

Autonomous PTZ control

SharpView automatically controls PTZ with EyeLynx RADAR detection. Remove the burden of manned guarding and security patrols

No Security Guard ? No Problem !

Take a look at the examples (left). Person is followed then a train travelling at 100km/h, cars nearly collide and then an example of people, trains and cars at night !


  • High resolution detection
  • Secure large sites of critical importance
  • Get early warning of intruders
  • Detect and track moving objects
  • Operates in all weather conditions
  • Very low power, solid state device
  • Always looking, totally reliable
  • Detect up to 600m
  • Full 120 degrees Azimuth, 30 degrees elevation
  • Lowest operating power at just 2W
  • Solid State technology,no moving parts
  • Works in 5.5GHz license free band
  • Fully integrated with SharpView VMS


  • Airports: Perimeter intruder detection
  • Railways: Trackside for public safety and security
  • Military Bases: Hostile Vehicle detection
  • Industrial Sites: Intruder and trespasser alert
  • Public Utilities: Site protection and worker safety
  • Building Sites: Plant security and asset protection
  • Residential: Property security and protection

Want to know more? Get the datasheets from here