SharpView Manager Professional

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Free Video Management Software

SharpView Manager Professional displays all video formats, high quality MJPEG video can be viewed alongside low bandwidth MPEG4 and H.264 with all resolutions supported.

Events received from Access Control, Fire Alarms, Motion sensors and Intercoms can all be managed alongside CCTV. Security personnel can be alerted to specific events and have confidence in their system to carry out responses to alarms.

The user interface is configurable and subject to bandwidth, unlimited number of users can use SharpView Manager simultaneously from multiple sites. SharpView Mobile is the perfect companion for use on iOs, Android and Windows mobile devices and available free of charge.


Configurable views from single full screen to 64 simultaneous channels per screen. Videos walls can be created from several screens driven from the work-stations with suitable graphics capability. Sequences can be created with views of cameras and multi-camera views from any SharpView NVR.

PTZ control is provided by use of the mouse or via USB joystick. Users can also follow suspects b directly clocking on the image. All devices; IP cameras, NRRs, and alarms are represented either by classic tree view or by location groups.


Events Manager

Events Manager

Data received from detection devices displayed in live view as they are received and if associated with cameras, the related video can be re-played instantly.

Events could be video intelligence, motion detection alarms from cameras or PIR motion sensors, fire detectors, door entry systems, PIDs and RADAR.

Backup Manager

Recordings can be accessed by simple date and time entry for either a selected camera or all cameras in a multi-way view. Full play controls including frame advance, slow motion replay, fast forward and rewind are readily available for users on the monitoring or review screens.

Save images (snapshots) as jpeg, instant go to printer, digital PTZ with preview window, create virtual cameras, mark incidents with Tags for instant access and review.

Video clips and back ups can be downloaded from the recorder to the local hard disk or to any storage device on the network. Downloaded clips cane be further exported to .avi or .mov formats.

Backup Manager