Video Analytics

Intelligent & Intuitive Video Analytics

EyeLynx provides a highly reliable and accurate object tracking engine which supports unparalleled sensitivity with a low false alarm rate. With a simple and intuitive user interface users can define a detection rule in just a few mouse clicks.

The Analytics engine has been independently verified by the UK Home Office i-LIDS programme for use in sterile zone applications, so users can rest assured that the system meets stringent performance standards for event detection and false alarm rejection.

Choose your VCA Package

In addition to its security credentials, the Analytics system also provides a highly accurate method for capturing statistics about customer behaviour, enabling retailers to make informed business decisions.

With people counting functionality and our person-optimised tracking engine built-in, detailed footfall, queue-time, customer hotspot and conversion ratio analysis can be performed.

There are several VCA packages available to customers, please get in contact with us to discuss which one is best for your needs.