Police and Emergency Services

The problem

Increasing budget cuts and use of old technology that give poor image quality and are unreliable. Power consumption often exceeds that available from battery supply so recordings durations fall short of requirements. Lack of interoperability between systems in Police buildings and those fitted in vehicles and used by officers in person; body worn cameras with recorders.

The Solution

SharpView Micro and Pharos bring state of the art video security products to the emergency services at a fraction of the cost of incumbant products. The low power consumption will allow uninterrupted recording and will provide evidential quality CCTV recordings that pass the scrutiny of any legal professionals and increase the rates of prosecution to make our streets safer. All Sharpview Systems operate seamlessly together and are fully compatible with iOptec body worn cameras.

  • Pharos
    La cámara más potente del mundo
  • SharpView Mini
    SharpView Mini
    CCTV security for homes, bars, restaurants, retail outlets & small offices
  • SharpView Micro
    SharpView Micro
    El SharpView más pequeño del mundo
  • SharpView Mobile
    SharpView Mobile
    El SharpView más duro del mundo