Transport Systems

The Problem

Transport systems need to withstand the mechanical shocks, vibrations, temperature extremes and power surges that are common in most transport vehicles. Lack of reliability is a key problem in these applications.

The Solution

SharpView Mobile is built to stringent EU Rolling stock EN50121, EN50155, EN61373 standards and provide state of the art recording and management for HD, Megapixel CCTV. SharpView Corporate used for platform and station CCTV is fully interoperable with vehicle fitted units.

  • Pharos Raptor
    Pharos Raptor
    Compact all-in-one rapid deployment CCTV
  • SharpView Mini
    SharpView Mini
    CCTV security for homes, bars, restaurants, retail outlets & small offices
  • SharpView Micro
    SharpView Micro
    The World’s smallest SharpView CCTV recorder
  • SharpView Rugged
    SharpView Rugged
    The World’s toughest SharpView CCTV solution