Public Safety, Industry and Commerce

The Problem

The public sector is faced with ever more demands on funds however the need for high performance CCTV is increasing as demonstrated by recent cases of civil unrest. The public expects greater use of CCTV with increased quality but budgets are constrained and costs for system expansion and modernisation are not accounted for.

The Solution

SharpView is leading edge video security technology that allows users to add cameras without the need for additional licensing costs. EyeLynx does not penalise you for adding cameras and all SharpView Systems are inter-operational and scalable, so users can add just the right amount of expansion as necessary. SharpView Manager Professional is available to all users without charge for Windows PCs, Apple Mac OS X or Linux workstations.

  • EPR-500 RADAR
    EPR-500 RADAR
    Unrivalled threat detection for critical infrastructure protection
  • SharpView Corporate
    SharpView Corporate
    The World’s fastest SharpView CCTV recorder for large scale deployment
  • SharpView Enterprise
    SharpView Enterprise
    Biggest selling SharpView CCTV recorder for multi-site applications
  • SharpView Premier
    SharpView Premier
    Start here for HD quality CCTV
  • SharpView Mini
    SharpView Mini
    CCTV security for homes, bars, restaurants, retail outlets & small offices